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9 Step Cleaning Process

Home Proud uses a nine step cleaning process. We ensure that your carpets are deep cleaned with great care.  Adam, the owner of Home Proud, will provide you with exceptional customer service and a cleaning package just for you.

1    Pre- Inspection

Home Proud will walk through your home with you, we will visually inspect the carpet, and we will identify the problem areas and give you an evaluation of the potential results.

2    Moving Furniture

Small furniture such as tables and chairs, and anything under 50 pounds will be moved in advance. Items such as beds; entertainment centers will not be moved. Home Proud will only clean around electronics and computers.

3    Pre Spray/Pre Spotting

After pre inspection Home Proud will apply a pre spray and treat and stains for their removal. Home Proud will treat for Pet Stains, Ink, Rust, Wine, Tea & Coffee and more!!

4     Pre Scrub

Depending on the condition of your Carpets. Home Proud may choose to professionally scrub your Carpets, this will help loosen the soiling to ensure your Carpets are as clean as possible.

5    Extraction

Home Proud will use state of the art extraction equipment to steam out dirt and also sanitizing your Carpets with 300 degrees of heat. This method is proven to be the best way to get you Carpets Clean.

6    Deodorize

Home Proud offers a fresh scent deodorizer to all areas cleaned. Once applied the deodorizer     will get to work eliminating the odor causing culprits.

7    Stain Guard Carpet Protector

Home Proud offers stain protection that can be applied at the time of service, ask for more details!

8    Speed Drying

A normal drying process can be anywhere from 30 minutes up to a few hours. Home Proud will use commercial Carpet fans if needed to speed up the air drying process!

9    Post Inspection

Your Carpets and our cleaning process will be reexamined for cleanliness, if there is a questionable we will correct it for you